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    Welcome to Singapore's favourite food site, GoodFood.SG. You'll love our meticulously organized and categorized directory of hundreds of dishes and food outlets spread throughout Singapore's food centres (traditionally called 'hawker' centres), coffeeshops, food courts and restaurants.

GoodFood.SG was conceived as a foodie site with a focus on Singapore's local food and indigenous cuisine (usually with ethnic and regional influences). These are almost always sold as street food in the ubiquitous hawker centres, but are also available at some restaurants and foodcourts.

The food shops listed here have been compiled from mailing lists, recommendations from friends, colleagues, anonymous tip-offs and the media. Most of all, they are often included after personal experience. We have a liberal inclusion policy for adding food shops but will institute a grading scheme to differentiate them in future if there's demand for it. Perhaps a polls or an editors' choice awards ?

Whereas traditional hawker fare forms the majority of the listing, some restaurants (see the FAQ for our definition) and stalls at the trendier modern food-courts may be included as well. We include them when we think they've got some hard-to-find dishes or interesting signature dishes.

We hope you find this site informative and useful. Do join in the forum to discuss your own reviews and share your recommendations (or complaints :D) with fellow foodies !

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