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There's now a daily-updated RSS XML feed for images of the food photographs shown on our website. The feed is RSS 2.0 compliant and uses the <enclosure> sub-element of <item> (dropped).

The feed is located at this URL:

You need to use a news/RSS reader in order to view the photos/descriptions.

Confused ?

Is your browser showing up a jumble of text when you click on the above link ? Or if you don't know how to install/configure a newsreader, read on...

Yahoo and Google allows you to view RSS/newsfeeds from a normal browser. Below are buttons to add the photo feed to your personalized MyYahoo! and Google Personalized homepages. Once added, you can view the photos in your personalized Yahoo and Google* homepages. (You need to be logged in for Yahoo.)

* Note: Google homepages show only the photos' titles. Click each title to view the photo : Google homepage sample

MyYahoo shows the photos and can even slideshow them. This is what my MyYahoo! homepage looks like: My Yahoo! homepage sample

Now here are the buttons to add them:

All food types: Add to My Yahoo!    Add to Google

Halal version: Add to My Yahoo!    Add to Google

Still confused ?

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