Halal Restaurants in the City-West of Singapore

This page lists the halal fastfood outlets and restaurants in the western perimeter of the city centre. Places and roads include the Pasir Panjang area, South Buona Vista, Commonwealth Avenue, Dover Road, Ghim Moh estate, Tanglin Road and the expatriates' favourite enclave of Holland Village.

As far as we know these are halal establishments certified by MUIS(Islamic Council of Singapore). Patrons are advised to check with the specific eateries for any change in their certification status.

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Burger King Fast-food Restaurants

Burger King is a fast-food chain that serves burgers, sandwiches, soft drinks and side snacks. They're perhaps most well-known for their Whoppers (large-sized burgers) and deep-fried battered onion rings as well as their localized Rendang* burgers.

  • Holland Village
    243 Holland Avenue
    Tel: 6465 2819
  • National University of Singapore
    The Deck Level 2, Kent Ridge Campus 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road
    Tel: 6773 0760

Delifrance Bistro

Delifrance Bistro serves full meals with typical Western-style main courses like steak, lamb shanks, fish fillets, as well as pastas, pizzas and soups. In addition, Bistro outlets offer the pastries, desserts and sandwiches, similar to those found at Delifrance Cafes.

  • Holland Village
    249 Holland Avenue, #01-00
    Opening hours: MON - SUN : 7.30AM - 10.00 PM
    Tel: 6465 0430

Delifrance Cafe

Delifrance Cafe offers French-inspired pastries, breads, desserts and sandwiches with a range (albeit not as wide as that of Starbucks' or Coffee Bean's) of coffees, teas and other drinks.

  • Coronation Plaza
    Coronation Shopping Centre, No. 587 Bukit Timah Rd #01-01
    Opening hours: MON - SUN : 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM
    Tel: 6465 0434
  • NUH
    No 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, National University Hospital Main Building, Lobby Level 1 Stall No 13
    Opening hours: MON - SUN : 7.30 AM - 9.30 PM
    Tel: 6773 9314

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

The local franchise of the US KFC chain offers, what else, fried chicken and its various incarnations - chicken burgers, drumlets, nuggets, 'popcorn' chicken. The chicken comes in various flavours - original, spicy, crispy, BBQ, and what-have-you, depending on the promotion/period or location.

  • Singapore Polytechnic
    500 Dover Road Canteen 5,, Stall 3
    Opening hours: Daily : 10am - 8pm, Sat : 10am-2pm, Sun / PH : Closed, S H Mon-Fri : 10am-5pm, Sat : 10am - 2pm, Sun : Closed

McDonald's Fast-food Restaurants

McDonald's serves burgers, sandwiches, soft drinks, coffee and other fast-food items in air-conditioned throughout many parts of Singapore - from the posh malls of Orchard Road to the HDB heartlands. Many operate 24hours round the clock, and offer free wi-fi (wireless internet) access. The smaller McCafe outlets focus on serving drinks and ice-cream.

  • National University of Singapore
    10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Kent Ridge Compus, Faculty of Engineering Annese (next to Canteen 1) National University of Singapore
  • Queensway
    580 Queensway #01-580 Ridout Tea Garden
  • Queensway Shopping Centre
    No.1 Queensway #02-46 Queensway Shopping Center
  • Singapore Polytechnic
    Stalls 1/2/3, Food Court 2 Singapore Polytechnic 500 Dover Rd
  • Tanglin Mall
    163 Tanglin Road #01-14 & #01-15 Tanglin Mall

Secret Recipe Cafe

Secret Recipe is a casual eatery offering simple Asian and Western dishes such as gourmet laksa (woaa ;-), Irish lamb stew, vegetarian soba noodles, vietnamese beef noodle soup (phoa !), etc. Its specialty, however, lies in desserts - an impressive range of cheese cakes (marble cheese, blueberry, oreo, yogurt, apple crumble and more ...), chocolate/cream cakes (choc fudge, black forest, tiramisu ...), brownies, and pies.

  • Holland Grove
    42, Holland Grove Road
    Tel: 68751233

Swensen's Restaurant

Swensen's is the place for sweet-toothed ice-creamaholics. Sundaes topped with the most colourful of toppings, hot chocolatey fudge, macadamia nuts, crunchy almonds, butterscotch, and just about anything else you can dream of in saccharin heaven. Have a banana split, or else, go for the Earthquake and feel the earth shake under feet when you dig in !

  • Holland Village
    251/253 Holland Avenue, .
    Opening hours: 10.30am-10.30pm [Weekdays], 8am-10.30pm [Weekends & PH]
    Tel: 6467 1825

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