Mutton Soup (Chinese)

Chinese style semi-clear mutton soup. Served in several options of mutton and innards.

Rochor Duck Rice (Shi Quan Ya Tang) 梧槽鸭饭 (十全鸭汤 / 羊肉汤)

Rochor Duck Rice
Rochor Duck Rice is found along Beach Road opposite the Concourse Residences
braised ducks and dishes
Their braised duck and side dishes are good. But it's the herbal soups that they're known for. Hey ! is that Bruce Lee in the photo at the bottom ? ;-)
porridge dishes
Did someone ever say that good food comes from pot-bellied chefs ?
braised duck and other dishes
Here it is gentlemen, dinner is served ! Braised duck, hay chor (minced prawn sausages), tau kee (beancurd skin) and more.
herbal duck soup
And tonight's special - Rochor Duck Rice's shiquan herbal duck soup.

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Located at 327 Beach Road., Singapore 199560
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This stall has been featured in Yummy King and other media reports. Well, I managed to ramble down to it on a Saturday evening with some friends and tried out their herbal duck soup, braised duck and other side dishes. The food was quite tasty, the duck decently braised and the soup was well cooked (many hours I'm sure), so much so that the duck meat slipped off their bones easily. Piece of cake for those with lazy jaws :). The specialty of this shop (nestled in an old shophouse on the periphery of Kampong Glam and opposite the Concourse Residences) is its herbal soups, specifically its Shi Quan Ya Tang (十全鸭汤) which means 'complete duck soup' - a reference to the range of herbs and spices used in its brewing. And the verdict is ...... POWER ! I don't know the ingredients (ok, I do have some idea) but the soup dishes sure give a helluva strong kick to the tastebuds and senses. I think it is also what the Chinese elderly like to call 'heaty' - full of yang energy if it is to be so believed :) So be warned, this is hot stuff.
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Categories: Chinese, Mutton Soup (Chinese), Hawker

Located at 227 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208904
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Categories: Chinese, Mutton Soup (Chinese), Hawker

Located at #01-127L Old Airport Road Emporium & Cooked Food Centre, Block 51 Old Airport Road.
NOTICE : This food centre has completed its upgrading under HUP and stalls have re-opened at its original location on 1st July 2007., Singapore 390051
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